Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Upper Space Gallery, Manchester

The exhibition at The Upper Space Gallery, Manchester opened three weeks ago and it was a really great opening night. Unfortunately in the weeks that have (flown by) I have been unable to get to the gallery and Manchester to work on the project. However this weekend I am feeling optimistic about experimenting with some projection ideas so watch this space!

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lillianwilkie said...

Hi Vic,
I was drawn to your work through the Ruinous Recollections blog and that in turn from the Vertigo: Collecting WG Sebald blog. I'm really interested in your retracing of Sebald's steps through Manchester; I am an avid Sebald fan and currently writing a BA dissertation on his use of landscape photography and its relationship to (auto)biography (and also a Manc girl living in London and thinking of home often). My practice is currently focused on the act of walking and pilgrimage, and at the moment I am working on a small book recording a walk around the Salford town of Eccles/Barton upon Irwell (also mentioned in The Emigrants).
I would be interested in discussion on Sebald and your influences and any work-in-progress. My email is if you are interested. I also have some test shots from a walk around Eccles here:

best wishes